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Get the perfect Christmas experience at home

A sophisticated selection for a perfect Christmas experience thanks to a wide choice adapted to every budget. Our trees comply with the strictest European regulations. They are flame retardant, fireproof and EN71-2 certified. Below you will find a selection from our range.

Our trees consist of 2 or 3 sections, equipped with a ‘hinged’ system and a sturdy folding metal base, for easy assembly and disassembly. With the ‘hinged’ system, also known as the umbrella system, the branches are attached to the trunk by a sturdy hinge, so that they automatically fall open when setting up the Christmas tree. Handy, right!

  • The Kingston Flocked is an elegant artificial Christmas tree with tips in high-quality PE and PVC with the perfect amount of white artificial snow on each branch. With its limited diameter, this beautiful and natural looking Christmas tree fits into any home and interior. Thanks to the umbrella system, the Kingston is easy to assemble and take down after Christmas. A foldable metal base is included in the box.
    Height: 150 cm to 240 cm
    Diameter: 101 cm to 177 cm
    Branches: PE/PVC
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    Kingston Flocked

  • Artificial Christmas tree Norfolk has a mix of green PE and PVC needles for a beautiful natural and realistic result. Assembly is quick and easy thanks to the hinge system. This classic comes with a resin box and integrated LED lighting in warm white for extra cosiness. The ideal ally for smaller spaces and as a welcome at the door.
    Height: 137 cm
    Diameter: 66 cm
    Branches: PE/PVC
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  • Georgia is a beautiful artificial Christmas tree with branches in high-quality PE and PVC in two shades of green for a lifelike look. It is packed with enchanting mini LED lights in warm white and traditional red to give you a unique Christmas. This narrow version is perfect for any location and takes up less space due to its limited width. The Georgia artificial Christmas tree consists of three sections with a convenient hinge system and a sturdy folding metal base for easy assembly and storage.
    Height: 213 cm to 274 cm
    Diameter: 91 cm to 107 cm
    Branches: PE/PVC
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  • The Utah is a timeless classic with beautifully shaped green tips in high quality PE and PVC. Good value for money and therefore the ideal family tree. Moreover, easy and quick to assemble thanks to the hinge system.
    Height: 150 cm to 210 cm
    Diameter: 99 cm to 122 cm
    Branches: PE/PVC
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  • Create your own Winter Wonderland at your home with the fairy-like Oslo artificial Christmas tree. The natural looking dark green PE and PVC branches of this Christmas tree are covered with a perfect layer of white artificial snow. Easy assembly due to the convenient hinge system.
    Height: 183 cm to 243 cm
    Diameter: 124 cm to 152 cm
    Branches: PE/PVC
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    Oslo Flocked

  • Teddy is a beautiful modern artificial Christmas tree with flexible needles covered with a thick layer of pink snow.  This tree can be used with or without decoration and is the ideal ally for those looking for something different than the classic green or white Christmas tree. Also beautiful in the children's room. The hinge system allows for quick assembly and disassembly after the end of the year celebrations. Comes with a modern white metal base.
    Height: 150 cm to 210 cm
    Diameter: 86 cm to 107 cm
    Branches: PE/PVC
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    Teddy Pink Flocked

  • The traditional Boston artificial Christmas tree has dark green classic flexible needles. Due to its luxuriantly full shape, it draws all attention to itself and provides the necessary atmosphere in your interior. With handy hinge system and metal base. Available up to 3m.
    Height: 240 cm tot 300 cm
    Diameter: 141 cm tot 165 cm
    Branches: PE/PVC
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  • The Nebraska Blue is a blue-green artificial Christmas tree with a very natural shape. Between the beautifully shaped branches in PE and PVC there is enough space left to hang your favorite decoration. Easy assembly through the hinge system.
    Height: 152 cm to 228 cm
    Diameter: 94 cm to 140 cm
    Branches: PE/PVC
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    Nebraska Blue


We guarantee quality

You get a 5-year warranty and a 2-year warranty on the lighting of A Perfect Christmas artificial Christmas trees. If there are any defects with the artificial Christmas tree or lighting, please contact the store where you purchased your A Perfect Christmas artificial Christmas tree with your receipt.