5-year warranty (2 years for lighting)
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How do I choose a tree?

1. Where do I want to place the tree?

Depending on the location, determine the height and width. Do you have a high or low ceiling? Do you live in a room or in a flat? The slim-range fits perfectly in smaller flats, for example.

2. What colour and style of the interior

After all, there is a diverse range of colours for artificial Christmas trees: snowy white, fresh green, dark green, blue-green, silver-grey… Consider the colour that best suits your interior.

3. What type of branch should I choose?

PE branches look very natural. They are made in a mould so that they have the same shape as natural branches. The other type of branch is made of classic PVC. These look somewhat paper-like and flat. They provide that typical layered shape. You often see a combination of the two types of branches on 1 tree, where the PVC branches are closer to the trunk to give the tree a nice full look and the PE tips provide a natural look. With trees made from a combination of PE and PVC, the ratio also plays a role. The more PE, the more expensive the tree.

4. How is the artificial Christmas tree assembled?

Is it user-friendly? Do the branches fall open easily like an umbrella? Do the branches keep their shape like with the ‘memory-shape’ or do you have to bend them in the desired direction every time?

5. How many tips does your artificial Christmas tree have?

The ratio of the number of branches per volume of the tree also determines the look of your Christmas tree. If you want a nice full tree, you should choose a large number of tips. These are usually mentioned on the box of your artificial Christmas tree.

6. Do you opt for integrated lighting in your tree?

A pre-lit tree is very easy to use, but it also gives a well-balanced illumination of the tree with lights close to the trunk as well as lights on the top of the tree. Be sure to check the ratio of the number of lights to the size of the tree. Finally, you can sometimes choose the colour of the lights: warm white, cool white or multicoloured.

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